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Not Using Your License?

Greenridge Referral Company, LLC

Benefits of the Referral Company:

• Earn Commissions – you can earn commissions from anyone needing real estate services.

• Active License – your license remains active and we serve as your principal broker.

• Nationwide Coverage – you can earn commissions from anyone moving anywhere in the country and around the world, not just within Michigan.

• Resources – as a member of one of the largest real estate networks in the country, we have many resources available to find a qualified broker, anywhere. Furthermore, an agent will be carefully matched to the needs of your referred client.

• Referral Center – we have a fully computerized operation and a professional, full-time staff available to serve your membership and referral needs.

• Discount on Continuing Education Classes to keep your license current.

Any questions? Contact Lorrie Casarez at (616) 974-6002

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